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Nandrosol during cutting phase

If I wanted to use Nandrosol during, say, a six-week cutting cyle: seeing that it’s only supposed to be used for 2 weeks on, followed by 4 weeks off, during which 2 weeks of this six week period would it be most eficacious to use it in order to preserve muscle mass while dieting down? Or do any of you have some novel ways that it might be used/cycled during this period? Thanks.

(Anyone? Anyone?)

You might could use it the whole time, but at limited doses, like 15 to 20 sprays a day. Just an idea, never tried it. Methoxy-7 works great for diet, BTW.

Paul, your idea of using it longer-term at low dosages brings another idea to mind (and forgive me if I sound naive about this). Since Nandrosol doesn’t affect endogenous T-levels (or any other endogenous hormones, for that manner) the way Androsol does, why is it necessary to stick to such a short (2-week) cycle of Nandrosol, even at the max (70 sprays, twice daily) dosage? Thanks again.

Works fucking great for me. I pasted the 8 weeks mark and still going. Getting harder, stronger, and leaner.

Forgot to mention… Long term use does affect your spelling.

My recommendation is to not worry about the suggested cycling parameters. I’ve used Androsol for 3 and a half weeks now with no negative side effects. Unfortunately Androsol doesn’t work wonders for me (I don’t gain much weight) but it gives me a boost in my workouts. Since Nandrosol is even safer then Androsol, go nuts!

Tim, Bill, Chris, Cy, TC – any of you guys care to weigh in on this issue? Thanks for your help.


(Anyone)? Sorry to nag, I’d just really appreciate your input. Thanks again.