Nandrosol Cycle

This is my first cycle and would like some advice. I will be doing a calorie restricted diet similiar to the Fat-Fast diet. This is what it looks like so far: Week 1-3 Nandrosol 140 sprays, 8 caps Tribex, 4 caps MD6, 3 caps ZMA. Also do I need to take any Tribex after the Nandrosol cycle, and are there any suppressed hormone levels notive with Nandrosol usage. Any feedback would be appreciated.

As long as you’re following the label you shouldn’t have to worry about suppression. Still, I prefer to take Tribex-500 and Methoxy-7 between Androsol/Nandrosol cycles. I take ZMA all the time.

looks really good. I’m gonna try almost the exact same plan in about 2 weeks. as far as nandrosol suppressing t-levels, I’m not sure. The body normally starts to recognize change @ about the 2-week mark. It would be a good idea to continue the tribex and md6 for 2 weeks following the cycle. Personally I use thermogenics 8 weeks on then switch to powerdrive and vivarin for 4-weeks then back. good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks for the feedback. Could you let me know how your cycle turns out.