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Nandrosol/Androsol stack

I started the stack today 11-1-00 and will continue for two weeks with 40 sprays of androsol on the lower half of my body and 40 sprays of nandrosol on the upper half. My current body weight is 197lbs at 6’1" in height. My arms and calves measure @ 15", chest @ 42", and shoulders @ 49". I hope to see good results from this stack will keep postings of my progress throughout this trial.

I have been on the cycle for four days now and I must say that this stack is by far one of the best. The pumps I have been recieving are incredible along with quicker recovery times. I now weigh in at 204lbs compared to 194lbs at which I started and have noticed strength increases which have help me set PR’s(personal records). Before I was at a plateau dumbbell rowing the 130lbs on my last set of 4, and now I have to tape weight to the 150’s for rows, which I have never had to do. I cant wait to see what the rest of the cycle will bring. I will keep you posted.

Is there any special reason why you measured your shoulders? No quad measurements?

My quads measured at 24.5" in the beginning of this program.

I am close to finishing up this cycle and have noticed great gains in size and strength. My starting weight was at 197lbs and my weight now is at 207lbs, that is a ten pound gain in less than two weeks. I will take measurements on weds 11/15/00 and submit them then.

could you comment on the maintenance required to do this cycle? I am interested in trying this, but spraying myself that many times sounds like a hassle. Is a lot of time required?
Thanks, Andy

Andy, the individual sprays are effortless…
I guess I do about 2 sprays per second. It
certainly takes less than a minute to
apply the Androsol, then, if applied correctly,
about a minute to dry to get dressed.

We could
use a sprayer that delivers a larger volume
per spray, so it wouldn’t “sound” like it
was a lot of work to apply – obviously,
if each spray were work (which it isn’t) then
70 sprays would be a lot of work – but such sprayers
don’t give as good results.