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nandrosol and T

This may have been addressed someplace else but it would be difficult to find…

Am I mistaken or would a light T cycle be powerfuly enhanced by nandrosol

Yeah I think that it would add to it, BUT, I think that it is imperative to know how light and what kind of test you are considering.

I’d certainly expect so. Even a fairly heavy trenbolone acetate cycle (100 mg/day) is
markedly enhanced by Nandrosol: a little more
actually than it is by 50 mg/day Dianabol
in my experience.

In the case of a heavy T cycle though, well
over a gram per week, then there might be
little or no benefit, because T (or its
metabolites) also has non-androgen-receptor
mediated activity, and once the dose of T
gets high enough, this activity gets nearly saturated
so further Class II steroids don’t do so much.
E.g., you’ll notice a lot from adding 50 mg/day
Dianabol to 500 mg/week of T, but if you
add it to two grams per week of T, the difference is not so clear. I’d expect
the same with Nandrosol. But below a gram
per week I’d definitely expect obvious
benefit, and at 500 mg/week, quite considerable