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Nandrosol and Propecia

I need to know if its ok to take nandrosol while on propecia. I don’t remember anyone ever saying how much of the nor4ad converts to nandrolone and I know you can’t mix deca and propecia because it will worsen hair loss. Help me out guys.

Well, keep in mind that Propecia doesn’t make nandrolone something evil, just
causes it to be like most other things (e.g. Primo) in staying the same in
the scalp vs. elsewhere, and still better than how T normally behaves, because T doesn’t
stay the same normally, it becomes more potent.

The amount of nandrolone from the Nandrosol is probably modest, no
better than the 100 mg/week level. Basically you’re talking nor-4-AD doing
probably 80-90% of the work. Propecia makes no difference there. If your natural T levels
were still substantial, then the Propecia would still be helping… if
they are suppressed (probably are) then the Propecia is simply a waste of
money, but since there is relatively little nandrolone that you’re losing
the benefit (in the case of nandrolone) of 5AR conversion, there’s
probably no perceptible harm either.