Can any body help me with some info on nandrolone decanoate from international pharmaceuticals? Is it any good? What gain could I get? Also dosage and cycling whith other products,posibly biotest ones.
Thanks for any help.

Two things:1) Do a search at the T-mag site and read all the stuff that pops up in the Strasseroids and S-Files columns. 2) Or wait for Biotest to come out with their legal version of the stuff (N-17E) and then you won’t have to worry about DA MAN coming down on you.

Well bro, heres what I can tell you. IP is a reputable underground steroid manufacturer, and the nandralone deconate is a good product. It is a Class I steroid, so it would be synergistic with a 4-AD product (the best one Ive used is Biotests Androsol). You could couple it with Winstrol for an even better effect, but thats your call. As for cycling, the best bet is about 500mg per week for 6-8 weeks (one injection per week). With the nandralone AND Androsol, u could easily see anywhere from 15-30lbs of mass. Good luck and happy growing.

Nice one,that sounds like the plan.

I would not use IP’s injectables. His orals are AWESOME
but everyone I have spoken to who has used the injectables
has had serious injection site pain unless they boiled
there bottle of gear for 15-20 minutes in water.


Thanks for the input Brock,so you are saying if I boil the bottle for 10 mins like egg in a pan that I will kill any bugs in the gear and if I chose to use it knowing about the pain thing thats okay.Also how long did the pain last,you know a bit of pain is not to bad.