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Nandrolone: Using 5AR to Change Properties


Common bro-wisdom dictates that you should never run nandrolone and a 5AR inhibitor at the same time right? Well, considering that nandrolones 5AR reduction by-product is what makes it so mild, not great for strength and gives it some of it's more umpleasant sides.

Since nandrolone itself binds to the androgen receptor strongly, if we were to inhibit 5AR deliberately then we would get a far more androgenic steroid, and one with likely different properties, which as long as you weren't concerned about hair loss wouldn't be an issue and would likely be a bonus.

Anyone up for a test run?


I can understand your logic, but the added androgenic effects would have to exceed the reduced DHT from Testosterone 5AR. Are you thinking of a cycle with a replacement dose of T, with a high dose of nandrolone, and a high dose of 5-AR inhibitors?


Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
The only reason why I'd run Deca in the first place is for its high anabolism and low androgenity.


Anabolism is great, but all the steroids that are excellent for strength, are the androgenic ones, such as halotestin, tren etc. If all you want is mass then I guess its not worth doing, but if strength is your goal, then I would hazard a guess that doing this would give a much greater strength boost from deca, which generally is pretty poor for strength.


Completely true, and I agree.
What I'm saying is, if I wanted an androgenic compound, I would just take an effective androgenenic compound, rather than trying to tamper with nandrolone's chemistry.


I'm not sure why the effects would have to exceed DHT from test? Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

I was thinking of something along the lines of between 200-400mg test per week, a gram of deca, and either finasteride or dutasteride in a reasonable dose. Low dose AI for the test and reasonable dose of proviron to allow for the fact you have no DHT. Throw in some dbol and I bet that you'd have an interesting cycle. If you used NPP you could probably run a 4-6 week tester, you'd have to make sure you had stable blood levels of the 5AR inhibitor before starting, and drop it before PCT.

I'd run it myself, but I'm running test eq and primo at the moment and will be coming off in a few weeks so its not exactly the best time for me.


I was just thinking if you were looking for a more androgenic cycle, you would have to compensate for the reduced androgenic effects from lack of DHT. It seems like you already took that into consideration with the inclusion of the Proviron.

What I meant was:

Androgenic effects of:: Nandrolone (without 5AR) > DHT from 5AR