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Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Cycle

How to use this fast acting nandrolon?

W 1-8 Primo 300mg 2x/w
W 1-8 Drost Enth 100mg 2x/w
W 1-10 Test Prop 50mg/d or 100mg EOD

but it means many, many shots…

any ideas?

Do you mean what weeks to use it? Or do you mean how often to use it? Clarify please.

If you are gonna throw in the NPP I would use it in place of the primo at a dose similar to the test but a little lower say:

W 1-10 Test Prop 100mg EOD
W 1-10 NPP 66mg EOD
W 1-8 Mast Enth 50mg EOD

If putting them all in the same syringe you might as well just shoot the mast with the other two at a lower dose.

curious george, how would you run the cycle if no masteron was included…just npp/test prop? would you up the npp? is 6 weeks too short a cycle for npp/test prop? would you run a test taper for pct or just stick with the clomid or nolvadex? Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

These same compounds have been already laid out in another thread as to what to take, what amount and how often.

Read a little. It will go a long ways.