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Nandrolone mgs?

Regarding injections of nandrolone for the 400 mg/week amount that will avoid progesteronic effects(like 600 mg +), does this mean to inject 400 mg every week or try to maintain a 400 mg blood level by determining the half life and injecting accordingly.(400 mg week one and 200 mg/week after that?)
Also, how often do I need to inject nandrolone phenylpropionate?

When referring to how many mg per week, the reference is to the steady state, after blood levels stabilize, not the result from the first week. So when talking about the “400 mg/week level,” that’s not what you get from a single injection of 400 mg. It’s what you get after
having been injecting 400 mg/week for a few weeks. Or you can get there immediately by injecting approximately 800 mg.

Whether someone has adverse progestagenic side effects depends on the person, but the 400 mg/week level is the average comfortable maximum for Deca. Some can only tolerate less, some can tolerate more, but for most 400 mg/week is about right.

And I would think twice per week minimum with the phenylpropionate. Actually I do not know the half life for sure. I’ve seen claims of it being quite short but have not myself seen a literature value (haven’t looked) and personally would be surprised if it were less than 3 days. (Of course, sometimes things surprise you.)