Nandrolone for Next Cycle

Hi guys,

Currently running a cycle of 250mg test and 400dhb

Just coming to the end of it, happy with the results but not overly amazed.

Ive always said im not gonna do any 19 nor, but im not too far shy of 40 now and feel like its now or never

When it comes to them i read a lot of horror stories here and so im not as clued up on them as others.

Im after advice on how to approach it… im not sure sure if i should just start out with npp or go straight to nandrolone decanoate, thoughts are sides would show faster and clear faster if i just use npp, that way i know if im not getting on with it i can just drop it…

One question i have is the pip likely to be much worse on npp? Will using one over the other actually give me the desired effect of picking up how i respond faster?


Id probably go 250mg test 400mg nandrolone.

Yes people comment i always go a bit low on the test but ive found thats how i like it. I seem prone to moon face and acne at 500

Thanks for any advice

Oh and im on trt

IMO, you only need 200mg/wk of deca.

Why not balance the benefit:risk ratio?

Yeah I should have looked into that further. To be honest i would have probably started at 100mg to test the waters and work up.

But thanks for your advice

There’s lots of information on here about dopamine effects. One study showed an increase in dopamine receptors. While it seems know that it crashes dopamine. To some degree that makes sense

Why it interests me is I’m ADHD. So known to have low levels of dopamine already.

To some degree feel like im playing with fire on 2 levels here, but if there’s one thing ive learned is that people respond very differently.

Im curious to how i can give it a try and minimise risk if i start to get sides.

I’d use Use NPP not deca. Start on a low dose and when/if you encounter sides make the decision if it’s worth continuing or not. Inwoukdnt personally use the longer ester at all, let alone first time.

I’m not gonna comment other than Nandrolone is a fantastic mass gainer and side effect free for many. But those of us that get the sides it’s pretty awful and recovery can take awhile. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks, i was leaning towards that after a bit of reading on here.
I have deca sitting here but think i will leave it in the drawer order some npp and start on a low dose. Maybe even 50. See how i get on.

Appreciate your advice


For the record, I wouldn’t use any. I’m too scared. But if I was going to, NPP over deca.

How is it for strength and lean mass?

At 500 test i start getting water retention. I know some will claim thats diet, I don’t buy into that for myself personally, as for me that only happens with, test, dbol. Abol.
Pretty much everything else i can avoid the watery look

It’s also a “wet” compound. The class is mass stack is test, nand, dbol.

OP, I’ve got extensive experience with it. Ran it from doses as low as 35mg/wk to 600/wk and at all different ratios of test to NPP. My advice is the same as many would advise you about most steroids…

Be as lean as possible before you use it. You will look infinitely better and get far fewer sides if you do this.

Start low (5mg/day 35mg/wk) and assess your personal results/tolerance to the drug. Give it 6 half-lives (total two weeks) before titrating up. My experience: 35/wk you’ll see a mental edge from it (confidence) and harden up a bit (fuller muscles, thinner skin). 100/wk I blow up about 5-7 pounds but get slight edema. I look noticeably bigger with a shirt on (especially traps), but look smooth with no shirt. 200/wk I start to become a monster in the gym (agression and ability to handle more volume) but I start to see sides outside the gym (headaches, edema, fatigue). Above 200/wk for me, the sides outweigh the gains. For shits and giggles I took it up to 600/wk one time and looked and felt absolutely horrible. I think 200/wk is the ceiling for amateur users, IMO. And this is in line with someone far more experienced than me with PEDs, John Doe Bodybuilding. Check out what he has to say on Nandro.

Keep the test/nandro ratio 2:1 or better. It’s pretty rare for someone to report running nandro higher than test and looking and feeling good. Not gonna say it doesn’t happen, but…

I’ve personally never had “deca dick” from it. It’s a personal thing. Some guys get it, some don’t. I actually still run a very low dose of NPP to this day because it makes me last much, much longer in bed. I’ve been taking a low dose lately and am at 200 Test/wk, 50NPP/wk, 1 IU GH daily and looking, feeling, and performing great in all arenas. I’m about 190lbs , 12-14 body fat, last as long as I want in bed, and just won my age and weight class in a PL meet with a 1,202 total. Can’t really ask for more than that from a modest stack.

Best of luck to you. Tag me if you have questions.


Congrats man!

Thanks so much for the advice, encouragement when I needed it, and discouragement when I needed it, these last couple years. You and the other guys on here have been a huge help!


Thanks for the advice, i think i will take the summer to lean up more, i have a heavy focus on cardio and cycling in the spring/summer/autumn that is impossible in the winter, and of course with the festive season you let things slide a bit and put the weight on…

Thanks for advice on starting out on a low dose. I will be a while before im ready to start this but will report back

Thanks again