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nandrolone deconate

Are anabolics that are offered as topical ointments as effective as oral or injectable compounds? How do you structure a cycle if you were to use these?

No the answer is they are not as effective. But my suggestion to you is that you take a wad of your topical nandrolone and smear it all over every inch of your body! just don’t get any in your eyes because you don’t want this to happen to you:

around these parts we dont take too highly to any nanrolone derivitive. Topicals work but you risk many things including infection. Also, anything transdermal is not going to 100 percent bioavailable.

hey p-22 i have a book with that ugly mug in it as well. she has a hyperthyroid condition correct?

oh and as far as the topical goes, id have my girlfriend or boyfriend if you prefer, rub it all over my sack. that way it will directly stimulate your natural testosterone.

Yep I like the picture because of the exophthalmia present (it was just a joke about getting nandrolone in the eye.