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Nandrolone Decanoate for Injury


Hey guys!i've been suffering from a repeating shoulder injury for years!it was bearable at first but know it started to get real annoying!i've decided to use deca in LOW dosages to speed up the healing process!

but i've never done a cycle before just did some mild stuff like clen and primobolan. so i would appreciate i you guys could help me about the miligrams and do i need any other stuff to avoid any proestorgenic affect,and one last thing do i inject in the ass or the delt. Thanks..


Overall just a bad idea that you have there. There were some posts a short while back directly related to this topic. Both on deca only cycles and using deca for injury related issues. Search for them and you will have the information as to why this is such a bad idea.

Figure out how to rehab your injuries rather than attempt to mask them.
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Actually this could be a good idea. The deca would help reduce inflammation. While I wouldn't go 100% while on deca to rehab an injury, I do think it can be a good idea.

Example of what I mean: instead of taking lifting easy and doing rehab, why not do this while also taking deca? Provided you aren't still lifting heavy through the injury, taking deca while on rehab could speed up recovery.


What is the repeating injury?
Deca has a nice effect on tendons, and such. so it can def. be of use in rehab situations. I used a combo of 100mgs deca per weeks, and 50 mcgs of IGF EOD, for a ruptured achilles...the combo moved the healing ahead of schedule.
like Schwarz. said...don't push it....rehab it.


Deca healed my shoulder after a dislocation. With in a week it was like a new shoulder....I definately recommend it.


Expect a decrease in libido. I have one client who takes "only" deca, and it does really help with his shoulder pain, but he has very high natural Test levels.


I've done two cycles with Nandrolone. Both times my mobility saw a marked improvement within weeks of starting and lasted for many months after my last injection.

Each time I used Nandrolone however it was accompanied by Test Cyp and Proviron. I can honestly say the feeling I have on Nandrolone is like that of sitting in a hot tub for 20 minutes and then getting out and rubbing some blue heat on our joints. Because I feel so flexible and limber I tend to push myself harder during lifting which in turns lends itself to making better and bigger gains.

I've never used Nandrolone as a stand-alone product and never would. The suppression talk and apparent evidence is too paramount to ignore.

As to the OP. Dosage recommendations have usually been 2mg's a week per lb. Thus a 200lb dude would take 400mg's a week. When I first took Nandrolne though I ran 300mg's once a week; paired with 500mg's of Cyp per week as well as a Proviron a day. At 300mg's a week I realized all the benefits mentioned above but did not seem to suffer any significant libido effects at this dosage and with the Test and Proviron.