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Nandrolone Cypionate

I would like to get more info on Nandrolone Cypionate. Since it is a Nandrolone, it is similar to Deca. I would like to know in which ways are similar to Deca and which ways are not. I hear it is a better anabolic, but i am not sure in which way it is better.

Also, it’s side effects. I know a lot of your will say, DO NOT DO IT ALONE, if doing an Nandrolone Cypionate only cycle (1.5ml 3x/week) for 8 weeks, what are the possible side effects.

I am on my 2nd week, and my sex drive is extremely high. Will this lower while on the cycle? If it does, how bad will it be, hence it is only a 8 week cycle.

I have planned on taking Clomid and Novaldex already. Will this help? And, when and how much should i start taking.

Thank you very much for all you comments that may come, and also it is OK to criticize, as I won’t take it personally. But rather tell me to just not to do it, I would like some valid info on how to properly finish my 8 weeks without adding TEST.

Thank you again

[quote]WantToKnowMore wrote:

I am on my 2nd week, and my sex drive is extremely high. Will this lower while on the cycle? If it does, how bad will it be, hence it is only a 8 week cycle.


  1. You are an absolute idiot.
  2. Try adding in caber and HcG


Thank you very much for all you comments that may come, and also it is OK to criticize, as I won’t take it personally. But rather tell me to just not to do it, I would like some valid info on how to properly finish my 8 weeks without adding TEST.

Thank you again[/quote]

I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I’ve never seen nandrolone cyp. That notwithstanding, no, don’t run it alone. I can’t see where the sides would be any different from deca, as the only difference is in ester. Nandrolone needs to be run with test, and an AI (not SERM), and cabergoline.

How old are you ?

Thank you Detroitlionsbaby & 5.0. I am familiar with HcG, but not at all with Cabergoline. 1) What it is used for, 2) How to take it.

Also, when & how much should I start taking Clomid+Novaldex. Let’s say i do not hve access to HcG, will Clomid & Novaldex help at a higher dosage?

Answering 5.0, Nandrolone Cypionate is from South America.

There were a few more questions on the start of this forum. It would be very kind if those could be answered as well.

Thank you

33 years old

You are giving people a headache with these questions. Just sayin.

apologize my ignorance, but because they are too obvious and stupid or because some can’t answer properly. I know the second option will always be there, but I do know it may sound stupid for most. It would even be more stupid of me NOT to ask.

BONEZ217, anything you can help out with would be much appreciated.

Nandrolone will elevate your prolactin levels. Elevated prolactin = no erections. Cabergoline in pill form (liquid form is not effective at all) will lower prolactin levels. Test is needed because of nandrolone’s highly suppressive nature. When running test, you must run and AI as well. Nolva is for PCT, as in post cycle therapy.

I would suggest you read a few of the stickies at the top of this forum

Thank you 5.0

What is the drug name used on Cabergoline? It is called the same pretty much everyone? Also, when in the cycle do I start taking it and how much?

Ok, so Nolva & Clomid after the cycle, which is what i knew, even though I had read some started before the end of the cycle, which i wasn’t very found of. Since the Cypionate has a shorter half like, should I start taking Nova & Clomid after 1.5 weeks of the end of the cycle? And how long should i go for? I hear for about 3 weeks.

Lastly, is HcG and MUST? What will happen if i don’t have access to it, which is the case and will be.

thank you again all once again

What about testosterone? Do you plan to take that with the nandrolone? Do you know what suppressive means? If not, it means nandrolone will stop your body from making test. It is a mistake to run nandro without it.

Running a nandrolone only cycle poses a few problems. The sexual ones root from the fact that there is nothing present to convert to DHT and estrogen. Both of which are needed in normal levels for ideal sexual function. Another problem is that nandrolone raises prolactin, as mentioned already. Elevated prolactin levels will also cause problems when attempting to recover.

So if you want to run a nadrolone cycle without testosterone you’d be wise to find a source of DHT and estrogen to replace what is lost due to the lack of testosterone.

Proviron can be used as a source of dht. And hCG can be used as an indirect source of estrogen by stimulating testosterone that will aromatize into estrogen.

I don’t really know where you are going with all the talk about nolvadex and clomid. Both a SERMs. They are suitable for use during PCT. One or the other is needed.

I understand that it would be stupid not to ask. But how smart do you think it is to be injecting drugs without a clue about the chemical reactions that are involved? Your questions show that you haven’t done enough quality research. There are plenty of threads on the use of nandrolone. As said earlier, nandrolone is nandrolone, regardless of the ester. Do a search on the drug and it’s various nicknames and read about this shit. Nothing anyone’s said so far, myself included, in new information. It has been repeated dozens of time on this site alone within the past 12 months. I said your questions are causing headaches because some of them aren’t even answerable. It would take paragraphs of information explaining the stuff before the correct questions could be approached. People coming to this site are expected to have read those paragraphs of information before posting something like “Since it’s nandrolone, it’s similar to Deca.”

for 5.0 & BONEZ217, yes, TEST was in the plan, but for reasons beyond my reach, I can no longer get a hold of.

Should I at this point just stop the cycle all together? Or do the best I can to prevent side effect. Maybe I should have started the forum in the manner.

I did my research, and by NO mean and I more knowledge then any of you that have written here. So, thank you for taking the time and writing to me.

I can get Cabergoline, which is quite expensive for me. Sorry to ask this again, but when should i start taking it and how much of it, and when should I stop taking it.

I do not have access to HcG, so this will be a no go.

Thank you BONE, i do undertand now that Nova & Clomid is ONLY used for PCT. I knew it was used for PCT, but got a bit confused when reading that some were taking before.

Another big question is, for a only 8 week cycle, will I suffer a lot whithout the TEST. Then I am thinking, should I just stop it all all together or take good care with the adds here posted?

Also, the only 2 other things i have access to is HGH & Winstrol pills (6 weeks worth). Would any of this help on the Nandrolone only Cycle?

It is just that i can no longer get the TEST, and I was able to at the beginning of the cylce. Sorry all, and thank you for all your help

You didn’t say what your dosing was per week.

Caber is usually dosed at 1mg/week, so 1/2 a pill, twice a week if using 1mg pills. You could start it a week or two after beginning the nandrolone.

I do believe your best bet is to stop altogether, until you get everything necessary to run this cycle properly, including more knowledge.

Have you noticed your testicles shrinking any? Any aching?

Well does sexual performance ability matter to you during the next 6-10 weeks? If the answer is a strong ‘yes’ then I’d recommend stopping the cycle. Dianabol would also be a suitable replacement for hCG but it doesn’t sound like you have access to that.

Do a search on cabergoline. There is plenty of information on it on this site. You are expecting people to spoon feed you information. Which is why it’s getting ignored.


thank you for the Caber note.

Winstrol would be 30mg (pill form per day), if that what you were asking. (this I have not started and wasn’t intending to …was just saying i do have acess to it)

Nandrolone is 4.5ml per week.

To answer your questions, NO, the complete opposite. I have erections all day long, morning, night, mid day, etc. Pretty good i must say …and I know it have been caused my the Nadrolone, because the erections are way more than normal. Is this normal? and then the reverse effect will start?

Question, have you heard of Bromocriptine. What is it used for and how to use it and will it help?

BONE, thank you and learned my lesson as a newby to this site. I can tell you are knowledble and that you are quite a veteran here, or it seems like one.

Yes, sexual performace does matter, that is why i even started this forum.

Since i have started a 2 week cycle, what will happen if i stop? And, what care should i take in terms of what we have been talking about?

Trying to fix the mistake here due to the fact I am no longer able to get the TEST

Thank you

No he wasn’t asking about the winstrol dosage. He was asking about the nandrolone dosage. A milliliter is a unit of volume. A milligram is a unit of mass. How many milligrams of nandrolone are you using?

You are likely experiencing the increase in libido because your natural testosterone production has yet to fully cease. Couple that with the extra androgen provided in the form of nandrolone and you have your situation. Keep an eye on it the next week or two and see if anything changes. I suspect it will.

Yes bromocriptine has also been discussed here.

At the two week point I’d recommend a few weeks of nolvadex. Maybe 20mg/d for 2.5-3 weeks. That’s playing it on the safe side I think. There’s a chance you haven’t been fully supressed as of yet but I wouldn’t take that chance and go cold turkey.

BONE, i knew about the unit, but wasn’t sure on the Mg, and only the Ml when i answered in hope you guys would know.

To better answer, the dosage of Nando is 225mg per week.

If I stop cold Turkey and kick in the Novaldex right away, do you think I will suffer from any malfuction? I know it is hard for you to say for sure, yes or no. But what do you think?

Lastly, and now being curious. Really, is TEST is added to the cycle, any or ALL of this headache would be gone, PERIOD? I would NOT have to worry at all at any malfunction (sex wise?)

Thank you and thank you for all your answers