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Nandrolone C x 4 Weeks and Now Deca Dick

I have been on nandrolone 250 mg every week x 4 . Now I have deca dick. Libido still high but down below is flaccid.any suggestions?

Nandrolone on solo… no testosterone?

Nandrolone in theory can be run solo but because it aromatizes a fifth the rate of test you would have to run higher doses to meet the E2 requirements of a healthy male.

is that 1000 mg/wk?

I think he mean 250mg/wk for 4 weeks now just judging by the title. I’ll let the OP clarify though.

Hi 250 per week thks

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Now I stopped. Just want to go back to sus 250 mg per week . Your thoughts?

With sus 250 mg per week

Heres what worked for me… go back to a baseline where you know your libido was good. Stay there for at least a month and see if you have symptom improvement. If sus250 was good for then that would be your baseline. Don’t try to treat it with other drugs or ancillaries. Just ride it out. Nandrolone stays in your system a LONG TIME so don’t expect immediate symptom relief. It took me 6 weeks for a sense of normalcy last time after cessation of low dose Nandrolone.

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Thankyou. I have teen handy as well , but I hear tren does the same thing? I did tren before with no sides. Now I am paranoid about going back on it. Any thoughts?

Tren is also a 19-nor and yes the sides can be similar. I wouldn’t venture into the tren until you have your libido fixed. Then if you want to risk it again its a personal call.

Greatly appreciated your prompt reply

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Just another question just to reassure myself, sus 250 mg should be ok for libido ? Thankyou

It should for most men. Thats slightly higher than a TRT dose. My libido is strongest on a straight up optimized TRT dose. When I go too high in testosterone my libido actually suffers but we are all different animals.

I will do half of that then. Thankyou

Hello bishaw good evening! Nandrolone has rendered me totally flaccid and inability to erect at all even with arousal . Should I just wait it out or see a men’s health doctor? Or any SERMS can help? Greatly appreciate your recommendation!! Thankyou

Pretty much what I stated above. A mens clinic won’t be able to do anything except mess you up more. Stay the course. Accept you are going to have ED for a short period.

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@soya. Listen to @blshaw would be my sincere recommendation. The above should be a system generated auto reply every time someone posts with keywords nandrolone and ED symptoms. I’m 8 months removed from nandrolone usage and finally back to what I consider indistinguishable function from what I had pre 19-nor use.

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Thankyou so much I will be patient

I should offer that at 6 weeks I was not 100% either. It took months as well for me to get back to what I could consider pre Nandrolone usage. By 6-7 weeks I was getting full erections MOST of the time.

6 weeks here for me to get noticeable improvement.