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Nandrolone and Sean Sherk

From mmaweekly.com

Sean Sherk, the reigning UFC World Lightweight Champion, who last competed on July 7, 2007 in Sacramento, has tested positive for Nandrolone Metabolite. He has been fined $2,500. His suspension period runs from the conclusion of his bout on July 7, 2007 through the remainder of his licensing year which is June 26, 2008. Furthermore, he has been assessed an additional 10 days in order to fulfill the terms of his suspension (365 total days). The additional days will be added at the beginning of his next licensing year when he reapplies.

Normal levels of Nandrolone range from 2 ng/mL (average person) to 6 ng/mL (athlete engaged in rigorous activity). Mr. Sherk’s reported level certified by the Director of Science and Technology from the laboratory that conducted the tests was 12 ng/mL. Both the “A” sample and “B” sample were tested and confirmed as positive.-----

So my question for the experts or even anyone with knowledge…

  1. How common is it for someone to test positive at those levels if they have not taken any steroids?

I know some studies have shown a combination of legal supplements such as Protein Shakes and rigorous exercise resulted in elevated Nandralone metabolite levels but that is all I have read.

  1. If you were recommending a steroid for any professional athlete who would face testing by athletic commissions…would you ever recommend Nandrolone?

I’ve heard it lasts a long time, maybe a year or so to break down.

Thanks for any input

  1. fuck no

Quick esters

shitty situation, always liked sherk

[quote]Dezz wrote:
2. fuck no

Quick esters

shitty situation, always liked sherk[/quote]

It is pretty shitty especially since it makes little sense.

The guy has been working out since he was 7 so I imagine he would know some people(or where to find some people) who know enough about steroids that he wouldn’t take Nandrolone.

I mean, all I had to do was google it and find that it wasn’t a “smart” steroid.

Thanks for confirming what I thought, I admittedly know little about steroids so I wasn’t sure if what I read was true or not.