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Nancy Pelosi


OMG! 500 MILLION Americans will lose their job if her spending bill isn't passed.

Yeah. 500 MILLION.


She ain't lying! I lost 20 jobs last week, and 12 so far this week! My best friend is pretty lucky so far, he's only lost 10 jobs since the beginning of the year.


If Palin said something like that she would have been considered unfit for public service.


Damn your lucky I'm on my 35th job this week and its only wednesday.


I can't remember who quoted this, but someone mentioned that the this "stimulus" package is like a rotting corpse in the sun. The longer it sits out, the more it stinks.

Only about 10-20% of the spending in this package occurs this year. Japan and other nations have tried "stimulus" packages to ignite their economic engines, and have failed.

I pity future generations who have to pay for this debt. I'm not an economist, but if I'm having financial difficulties, the last thing I want to do is take on more debt, which is happening with our government.


Useless Woman.

SF picked gender over intelligence there.


Why do you think the Dems flew it through the House in a matter of one HOUR???

I really really hope the libs get bitch slapped here. I can guarantee that there are millions of middle road democrats that are sickened by the details.

Each hour this is out, that's a new item in this spending plan that is identified and reported on.

You would think the House would have a 1 -2 week discussion and negotiation about details before voting on something so important. This is criminal.


And she's too damnned old to blame her fuck up on her monthly visit from 'Mrs. Grumpy'.


Well, Hannity repeats the "rotting corpse" thing over and over again on his radio show. Given his track record, and ignorance, and party affiliation I'll assume the opposite.

"10-20%" This has been debunked. See CBO report. The real one, not the fake one rethugs pushed (and oddly) and keep pushing.

And to avoid debt like this in the future, don't vote for republicans in the future. 8 years in power now equals trillions of dollars just to prevent total collapse.


So what your saying is you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about? The CBO report indicates 10-20% I unlike you have read it. If you bothered to make it through the summary you would have found out this was the case.

If your in debt the last thing you do is barrow more money. This plan helps out the economy about as much as taking out a loan helps you get out of debt.

Everyone is starting to see this plan fail and with it I am watching this piece of shit administration fail along with it.


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That was awesome.


I would NOT hit it.


We've turned our county over to these dipshits. Godamnit. I've been trying to get on board with these fucking democrats, trying to support this bullshit for the sake of the country. But sonofabitch!

Everytime I open a paper or website, flip on the TV, there is some liberal shithead saying something stupid! How many fucking times do they have to tell people that the economy is going to get worse, that it'll be fucked six ways to Sunday by next year?

That's supposed to make things BETTER? That's going to help? That's going to encourage people to spend money, look for a job, get off their asses? Fuck it, man. Obama thinks there are 60 states, Pelosi thinks....shit...I don't know what she thinks. Reid is an asshole of the highest order who never says anything worth hearing......

I'm OUT!


By the way, I enjoy history and if history proves correctly, FDR's "New Deal" didn't pull us out of the recession, but World War II did.

This Stimulus package is just pork laded, with every liberal wish list jammed into it.

It's sad, but at a time in which our Corporate Tax rates are sky high, we continue to spend, versus giving money back into the economy for businesses and individuals.


All of recorded human history has elapsed in 220B seconds.

About 900B seconds ago, humanity was still spreading into Europe for the first time.

If the U.S. had spent $10,000,000 a day, every single day, since July 4th, 1776, we still would not reach $900B total by July 4th, 2009. We would not reach $900B until about Feb. 4th, 2023.

If $900B was dispersed equally to every man, woman, and child in the U.S., everyone would receive $3,000.

If $900B was evenly dispersed among every person who has ever lived, each person would receive about $8.45.

$900B could produce 291 copies of the U.S.S. Enterprise, using the inflation adjusted pricetag of $451M when the carrier was commissioned in 1961.

$900B could buy 10,843 F-35 Fighter Jets.

$900B could buy 19.8B barrels of crude oil. At 2007 levels of consumption, 19.8B barrels of oil would provide the U.S. enough oil for 955 years.

$900B worth of pennies would produce 6,187,500 tons of copper, and 241,312,500 tons of zinc. The copper could produce 70,169 full-size copies of the Statue of Liberty.

Melting down $900B worth of pennies and selling the metal on the open market would currently net about $274.5B.

That's all moot, of course, since there are only about $140B worth of pennies in circulation.

A $900B pile of cash, in $100 denominations, would weigh 281,250 tons.

If that pile was stacked one on top of another, it would be 610 miles, 4,200 feet, and 3 inches high.

That same pile could cover about one-half of the total area of Washington D.C..

$900B in $1 denominations could cover all of Rhode Island AND Delaware.

Sadly, $900B would provide only enough money to support the Federal Government for about 3 months. Because the U.S. Federal Government spends about $10,000,000,000 per day, or about $33.33 per person per day.

Did you enjoy your $33 worth of government today?

Imagine what could be done if the U.S. government simply ceased operating for two weeks each year, and $140B in tax breaks were dispersed proportionally back to individual tax payers. If the two week shutdown wasn't announced, do you think you'd even notice? If not, why on Earth are we spending so much on government?

But do you think you'd notice if $140,000,000,000 was injected directly into the hands of tax payers to use how they see fit?

Makes you think...


I would kill it with a stick.


Oh I'd hit it alright.


This here has been getting to me more than anything lately. GDP was UP for 2008, albeit ever so slightly. The markets have been pretty flat since hitting bottom in November. Housing prices have dropped and now sales are beginning to pick up. Yes, retail and jobs are currently taking a hit but historically these are the last things to fall in a recession. We are towards the end of the natural correction of the market, yet Obama and liberal fear-mongering would have everyone believe that spending trillions of dollars is the only way out.

This is NOT good for retail or the psyche of the consumer, which is the only thing left to overcome before we begin rebuilding. Telling everybody how bad it is out there is not a very intuitive way to get them to start spending again and get retail back on its feet.

This stimulus bill and the fear-mongering that goes with it is the absolute worst strategy for the economy at the moment.