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Nancy Pelosi is an Idiot - Waterboarding




Really? No......

They had the ability to pull funding, but were helpless to do anything?


All of Congress has elective short term memory when it serves them best.


....and a twatwaffle.


Yup...I didn't even need the additional evidence.


I can almost guarntee that most readers of this forum knew about waterboarding a year ago at the minimum, and this lying skank saysshe didnt know? Please.


I really don't like this lady, I would really love to challenge her to a duel in the arena with tigers all around us.

I swear why oh why couldn't we get someone in office who REALLY had the people's interest in mind. Someone who would rather be just than popular. All just a bunch of liars who can be bought.


Im sure there were others beside pelosi that knew but lacked the necessary backbone to actually stand up and say something. Some of these politicians supposed principles or morals are so malleable depending on the situation it turns my stomach.


Either that or they agreed with it.


Now, if they were to prosecute anyone over waterbording, does the "national secrets" defense even work? If it's an illegal action, then surely Pelosi and company could speak out publically, no? And having not done so, aren't they accomplises?


More Pelosi shenanigans....

It's tough to actually sit and listen to this waste of space for longer than a minute.........

How on Earth has she been able to keep her job for so long?


It's not like we needed more proof of here idiocy . . .I mean at this point it;s kind of like picking on an unconscious bar hopper passed out on the curb - entertaining, but doesn't have any real affect.

I mean, the only way she could get any stupider is to support Obama's tax-hiking debt-exploding agenda. . .

If she was any dumber, she's think Harry Reid was a good senate majority leader . . .

If Nancy Pelosi had a great idea - it would die of loneliness . . .

I am not saying she's really low or anything, but from her point of view, snakes fly . . .

She's so stupid,if she were an Indian, Custer would have died of old age

If you transplanted her tiny brain to a hummingbird - it would fly upside down and backwards . . .

If her brains were money - we'd all be in debt . . .

If ignorance is bliss - she's positively orgasmic all day . . .

She's so dumb - she's immune to head injuries . . .

She's living proof that God smokes weed . . .

If her IQ was 2 points higher - she;d be a rock

She's so dumb - she could get run over by a parked car.

She's so dumb, she tripped over a cordless phone

She's so stupid, she couldn't find her a%% with a 6-cell flashlight and a mirror

She;s so stupid she couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the bottom . . .

She's so dumb, she thinks Taco Bell is where Mexicans pay their phone bills

OK - enough for now


That was not very nice - now apologize!!


Ok - I'm Sorry