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Name Your Gym


I'm always curious where people work out, specifically people near me. Hopefully some other people feel the same way and will contribute to the thread.
I work out at:

In Shape Fitness
North Haven, CT


WoW Fitness- Cromwell/Middletown, Ct

Cardio Express- Wethersfield,Ct

I'm not a fan of either gym, but they are close and relatively cheap. Each has it's plusses and minuses. (mostly minuses)

I started at the old Gold's Gym in Middletown,Ct (DAMN I miss that place)


Sweat Fitness, CC philadelphia

Its not a Hardcore Iron Gym, but its close to my work , and i'm not yet a hardcore iron guy.


When I'm at school, Albany Strength, Albany, NY

When I'm home, Brick Bodies, in Barneveld, NY


You should check out Old City Iron Works. I lifted there a few times and it was pretty cool.


My gym is far from hardcore also, I think I have only seen one other person ever deadlift in the last year. I tried out Golds Gym in North Haven but that place was a little too hardcore, life size posters of guys in thongs flexing their glutes and hammies in the leg workout area, not exactly the motivation I need/want.


Powerhouse Gym. Salisbury, MD. Has everything I need, and want.


At School: CRC.
School = Georgia Institute of Technology.

At home
LA Fitness


Home, L.I, NY : ) -


The Krematorium....

At home as well, in the basement by the furnace.

I used to workout at: Go Workout, how original huh?


Brickyard Gym. Very old school and hardcore.


Pentagon Athletic Center - Jefferson Annex

Crystal City, VA

Not great, but not too crowded, and I can get my work in over lunch time


Lifetime fitness


Jefferson Sr. High (kick ass weight room)


Hey, we have a match (sorta). I workout at Powerhouse in Utica, NY, but very rarely I will workout at Albany Strength when I'm working long hours in Albany.


I also work out at the secret SCMBA headquarters training facility. It's kinda like the Danger Room.


STRONG AND SHAPELY...East Rutherford, New Jersey


Felix's Health and Fitness, Gonzales, La.


The Red Dungeon.

Not shown: Tree I use for chins/pulls pushup bars, home made wrist roller, extra plates and dumbbells.



San Luis Obispo, CA


Anyone else???