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Name the Breed

So what’s your guess for the Breed of puppy that will run the White House. The Obama girls get a new puppy when they move into their new home.

If he’s smart he’ll get a border Collie, cause they’re so smart. I think it will be a golden or a labrador retriever however.

I’d like to see a Pug.

Something ballsy like and American Bulldog.

We’re talking about obama,

he will by one of each so as not to offend anyone.

Lap dog

There’s already been a lap dog in the White House for the past two terms. His name was Anthony.

Black lab.


German Shepherd of course…name him Abu Ghraib.


Call him Marx.

One Greyhound, one Bassett and because the Greyhound is so much faster, he has to pull the Bassett around on a sled.

The Greyhound will be named Schmoo and the Bassett will be Droopy.