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Name that muscle!

well, I’m not exactly sure if it’s considered neck muscle, or whatever. I’m an idiot actually. but, anyway you know those guys with like cobra necks? like, inbetween the neck and the shoulders, there’s like muscle… what muscle is that? and what lifts target this muscle?

their “trapezius” muscles… “traps”… deadlifts, shrugs, upright rows and genetics to have rather large ones to begin with helps…

The muscles on the front of the neck are referred to as the sternocleidomastoids. They are developed by performing neck flexion exercises and shoulder elevation exercises such as shrugs. The muscles in between the neck and the shoulders are referred to as the trapezius (‘traps’ for short). They are developed by performing shrugs, deadlifts, cleans, upright rows, neck extensions, etc…


The muscle is the sternocleidomastoid. As for targeting this muscle, I have no suggestions other than heavy deads and shrugs which create a lot of tension and force you to contract this muscle.

Well idiot, those there things would be called the trapezius.

Do a search, but mostly shrugs do it.

The muscle in question is the trapezuis (sp?). To work them with big lifts and really make them grow, use deadlifts and powercleans. You can also try to isolate them more with shrugs and incline rows. Also, some of Coach Davies’ Renegade lifts, like the Renegade Squat Pulls and the Reverse Woodchoppers make my traps sore.

levator scapulae? upper trapezius? coracoid process? rhomboids? supraspinatus? Be a little more specific in terms of function and location, and I’ll try to be a little more specific with my answer! Also, you asked, “what lifts this target muscle?” Last time I checked, it was the muscles (skeletal muscles, that it) that attach to the bones via tendons in order to lift them.

Trapezius - various lateral raises

He is indeed referring to the trapezius. The sternocleidomastoid are really IN front of the neck. NOT between the shoulder and neck, like the traps. Anywhoos, also sounds like this guy should start training to become a lineman for football - or just do SHRUGS.

Is this not the dumbest worst worded question ever?