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Name that Column Contest

Let’s have some fun here. I’m writing a new column for the paper issues of Testosterone. This will be sort of an Atomic Dog column but will sound more like my articles like “Merry Christmas, Bob”, “I Hear Dead People” and “Alligator Stew for the Soul.” You know, stuff that hopefully fires you up. I need a title for this column. I’ve got a few ideas but I’d be interested in hearing yours. Give me suggestions and if I pick yours I’ll see if I can get you a free subscription to the paper mag or at least a T-shirt. Deal? Let me hear it.

How about an article about who we chose as our idols- Arnold, Franco, Mike Mentzer- and how we chose them. Perhaps who are the T- mag writers Idols?

How about “Blow It Out Your Ass”. Cause thats what you are basically telling those people to do.

How about “Bill Phillips: Words of Inspiration”… Just kidding, but something like “Firestarter” would work.

Some suggestions:
“In your Face”
“Smell The Iron”
“Reality Check”
“The Iron Game”
“Iron Epiphany”
“Got Iron?”
“Shugart Shack”

What about - ‘Next Best Thing to Sex’… It could get me fired up or at least I’d want to see what you wrote about that could be so good!

“Battle Grounds”
“Dawg House” or “From the Dawg House” or “Let the Dawgs Out”

I like “Running with the Big Dawgs” or “Don’t pee like a puppy” My 2 cents

How about “Grow Some Balls” or Nads ,Stones…

How about “Get yo ass up and go” or maybe “Versus from the T-man bible” or perhaps “Life: Shugart Style”

You know Chris, “Alligator Stew for the Soul” would actually work really well as a title for such column. I am sure you already have this as an option, however. I like “Shugart Shack” (suggested by Nylo) too ‘cause you take on more and more of a “bad ass” image with every piece of your writing and hence it is appropriate to use your name to cement such an association in regular t-mag readers’ minds.

The Dogg House. Doggy Style. Shugart’s Corner/House. “T” Time. Meat & Potatoes. Hardcore Corner. Livin’ Large. Wake-up Call. Don’t Give Up. The Motivator. Keep Moving. Sex Shop. Stuff that makes you go hmmm.

I like Nylo’s “Shugarts’ Shack” as well, but think something should be added, like Shugart’s Muscle Attack Shack."

I don’t know about Shugart Shack. It reminds of that horrible B-52’s song. How about Carpe Diem!

How about “Fuel for the Fire”

Getting off the porch, as in Getting the dawg off the porch!

How about the “laying down the law the testosterone way”.

Final Round


“Metal Sandwich”,“Iron Asswhupin’”…