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Name of Abdominal Exercise

I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this exercise (and thus can’t look it up! argh!)

It’s an abdominal execise, kind of like a plank. I used to do them when I was in sailing school.

Basically you are sitting on the edge of the boat, and to prevent the boat from flipping over, you have to lean back off the side.

We had a thing set up so that you could practice that on land. Basically you sit on this bench/box, lock your ankles under an ankle bar, and lean back. Hold for as long as you can.

it was kind of like doing a plank, only upside down.

Any one know the name of it?
maybe find a vid of it?
it’d really be a big help.

That is the action I am talking about. When the boat is heeling, the crew member leans off the side to hike, this counterbalances the boat and lets it sail more efficiently/helps stop it from tipping over.

I can’t think of the name for that exercise.
I’m left with calling it an “Ab Hike”, ab hiking, ab hikes, etc. But I don’t think that is the name.

Does this help any one who might know?