Naltrexone on Cycle

Am about to purchase some of this for my next run to try and stimulate the release of GnRH to keep the pituitary up regulated on cycle.

Twice per week, 50mg per hit. Probably start mid way through week 3 or somthing like that.

Might use some SAMe to combat any potential rise in liver enzymes.

It will be taken concurrently with hCG

Does anyone have any input or experience?

Thanks in advance


Granted, you’re not planning on daily use. But I have a suspicion that acute increases seen with naltrexone may be like those seen with, for example, arginine: timing is changed, which can result in an acute (brief) increase, but not total output over a more extended time.

I’d consider GHRP-6 instead.

Good SAMe is expensive. Now I haven’t done specific research to be sure that there isn’t anything that SAMe will do that TMG won’t, but in general anyway TMG serves the same purpose and costs a lot less money.

Narcotics decrease testosterone and increase GH, so naltrexone could have the opposite effect.

Anyway, that stuff seems nasty, I woulnd’t mess with it. It is interesting though, how common neurotransmitters like glutamate and gaba modulate sex hormone output.

And, as Bill Roberts said, you would have to be constantly on it for it to have an effect. Even if it has an effect, the increase in testosterone or LH might be so small that it wouldnt be worth it.

@ Bill – I appreciate your input and thanks for the study, i hadn’t even considered the posibility of lessend GH secretion. I use a GHRP on most cycles and IGF in PCT so maybe that will compensate(?) as i’m keen to give this a try.

@ Lover – i appreciate your efforts in trying to look into this for me… but since you love pubmed so much, here is a free full text one for ya…

Desite Bill’s much appreciated input, i kicked off this protocol today…so far nothing to report. Will keep you all posted.



Don’t know if i’m late to the party but…

Maresh, C.M., Sarrell, M.J., Kraemer, W.J., et al. The Effects of Betaine Supplementation on Strength and Power Performance. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 2007; 39(5): S101, A-957.

Certainly ticks a few boxes…

Thanks Bill!

Glad to help!