Naltrexone Help

Does anyone know anything about using this drug for preventing HPTA suppression while on? I have read that it has this ability, but I have heard almost nothing about it. I certainly have never known any one who used it for this. Anyone know?

All I know is you need 6-12 mg and I’m pretty sure thats per week. Don’t hold me to that dose though. Search for threads on it on other forums. Other than that it seems to be a pain in the ass to get without a rx

As a recovering Heroin addict I’d say stay the fuck away from it. It does not help take away the withdrawal symptoms or the mental drive to get up get out and get some. You can still OD if you try to get up, but you won’t get high.

that’s all it does, not get you high. skip it, skip the meth program. It’s a bunch of bullshit as well.

Get into a medical detox to help withdrawals, then 12 step it. At least that’s how I did it, 6 yrs ago. I know others who have gone cold Turkey, then drank on occasion. but that shit didn’t work for me. good luck, if your on that shit. It’s hard to get off.

I think you’re taking OP’s post out of context. Doesn’t sound like he has any current opiate issues… he wants to know about using it as an ancillary while on cycle.

OP - I know absolutely zip about it but here’s a link from ProMuscle. It’s probably what piqued your interest, but just in case…

sorry. my mistake.

Yeah that link is what gave me the idea. I was looking around about low dose naltrexone. It supposedly can be used to treat many health problems, one of them immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, which I have. I stumbled upon that thread and was very intrigued, but couldn’t find anything else out about its testosterone increasing effects.

I thought about taking it by itself and seeing if I noticed any changes in the arthritis or percieved testosterone production or adding an AAS for long enough to start suppressing and seeing if the naltrexone prevented this. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get blood tests before and after so it would be pretty subjective. If someone wants to try it and get blood tests I will give some to you. I don’t think that would be too egregious since it’s not a controlled substance.