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Nalgene Bottles and BPA


Lately I've been hearing a lot about the dangers of BPA and fat gain. Who knows whether or not there is any truth or not behind exactly how much trouble it can cause, neverless I was wondering if the Nalgene bottle sold by Biotest falls into this category? It looks like an awesome bottle, and I'd like to get one but I figured I'd ask the question just in case.


Nalgene now sells BPA free bottles... I know because I'm drinking out of one right now. I would assume they stopped production on the ones that contained BPA. If the Biotest ones contain BAP then just go to a local sporting good/camping store and buy a BPA free one. voila!


You're worried about fat gain from BPA's? I would worry about cancer or some other disease.


Our Nalgene bottle is free of BPA.


I am honestly hoping people aren't this paranoid on a wide scale.

If you get fat, I would hold off on blaming BPA for it.


The 2g of fructose in their ketchup is the more likely culprit, obviously.


BPA stands for what it will give you.... a Bulbous Protruding Ass... It makes you get the fatz


am i correct in assuming this is the nalgene labware bottle comprised of polyethylene terephthalate copolyester?


If I dropped and broke my bottle, what are the chances of a replacement? =0)


Unfortunately, unlike Nalgene's outdoor bottles, these are not guaranteed against breakage.


Worth a shot.