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Naked Spanish Gym



I seem to remember Mighty Stu talking about a gym tour, fancy putting this one on the list?


Oh shit DB Coops dream come true.


Im not a prude or anything but I have enough problems with people not wiping the equipment already.


Naked yoga sound promising, but in reality, it'll just be a bunch of naked people who you don't really want to see naked.


ALWAYS! It's never hot chicks letting the twins fly free, it's some old hag dragging hit nasty flappers behind her and some fat hairy guy dude leaving starfish kisses on the seats.




Starfish kisses- LOL.

Yep there seems to be an age that people get to when they no longer feel any embarrassment and will happily walk around naked, the same kind of people that dry their balls with the hair driers, definately NOT the kind of person who I'd actually want to see naked!


This is the best way to work out. Seriously...



Why,Why,WHY are old men like this at the gym??


Cause the dont give a fuck.


Ah, both legs.

Thank God....


Work out, i.E. mirin' your own physique in the mirror while curling, yes, maybe.
As far as doing serious work in the gym like squatting and benching, you want to feel tight inside your clothes for extra support.
Also, I wouldn't wanna crush my dick during heavy laterals, so no thanks.


Good luck trying to get a spot on....pretty much any exercise.

"Do you want me to spot you on the bench? I'll give you a lift-off."

"Uhhhh no thanks, I'll unrack it myself. Keep your coin-purse off my forehead please."


My dream is to able to spend all my time naked on the streets, damn laws.