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Naked Photos of TC...

…will not be featured in this week’s update. But here’s what you will get:

In Your Ear!
by TC

Eli Manning and others get the ol’ wiener-in-the-ear punishment, an ancient form of humiliation that reportedly comes from a tribe of Fins who invaded Canada then settled in Detroit. Scary buncha heathens.

Westside for Skinny Bastards
by Joe DeFranco

Even “hardgainers” can pack on slabs of functional muscle! Read this one and learn how!

by Cy Willson

Cy tackles tanning pills, smart drugs, premature ejaculation, illegal performance boosters and pre-workout supplements. Is there anything this guy doesn’t know?

Does H.I.T. Training Get You Into Heaven?
by Dan John

H.I.T as seen through the eyes of a Religious Studies professor. You don’t get this stuff in Muscle & Fiction, folks!

Exercises You’ve Never Tried, #10
by Chris Shugart and TC

Seven weird exercises guaranteed to scare personal trainers, or at least the lame ones whose main job is to wipe off the equipment.

The Making of a Modern Hero
by Ken Kinnan

A reprint of our article on Testosterone Man of the Year, Pat Tillman. This appeared originally in February '03. Pat Tillman, as everyone knows by now, was killed in action this past week.

News and Feedback

Marion Jones vs. Victor Conte, fat kids vs. soda pop, Pilates vs. weights, bananas vs. the world, and your e-mails vs. our sanity.

THATS IT!!! I am moving to Gary Null’s web site and forum!!! at least he shows us some nice pictures of his soy-o-licous body!!!

Damn I forgot it was friday through all this stuff going on thanks guys this will help.

I might have to print them for the flight as I am crashing early. I can also bring some copies to ma.



Got my hopes up…

I just read “Reader News” regarding previously published thoughts on P+C and P+F from JB and me.

Although it’s a frequent reminder from us both, it is worth restating that both approaches are tweaks to already-established whole food habits. The truth is, just doubling fruit and vegetable intake (while maintaining frequent lean meats and dairy for protein) goes a VERY long way toward fixing most “dieting” (for body comp) difficulties.

I do have to add this, however: I never liked the term “food combining” as far as macronutrients are concerned (as opposed to say, “protein combininig” for a vegetarian which is indeed preferable).
Can we really say that a combined C+F meal is always undesirable for body comp purposes? Of course not. Swiping some natural peanut butter on an apple is far superior nutritionally to say, eating a danish or doughnut!

Remember, exploring a wide variety of research in an organized way is sometimes meant mostly as an educational technique. Awareness itself is a hugely important factor in changing behaviors. Although T-mag is justifiably known for exploring the bleeding edge of training and sports nutrition, remember that just as “theoretical physics” holds legitimate value, so to does “theoretical physiology” have real worth. Common sense in self-application is helpful.


Another unbelievable set of articles. Thanks a ton guys. Nobody does it like you guys.