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Naked Nutrition Reviews

Ok, I would like to hear from others who have bought this book and read it. What did you think?

Having read a couple of Roussell’s articles and taking into account the kudos he received from Dos Remedios, I got myself a copy of “Naked Nutrition”.

Here is a sort of bullet point review.

          Good Stuff

1)Good info on how to determine which Whey drink to buy.

  1. Good information on which supps to buy (although Thib’s article on supplements on 12/18 was better, IMHO).

  2. Covers the basics very well: eat high protein, low carb (except after workout), eat frequent meals, etc

        Bad Stuff
  3. The main text is 123 pages. THEY ARE DOUBLE SPACED which means you are actually getting about 62 pages of material. If you take out filler pages (chapter titles, empty pages between chapters, etc) there is less than that.
    In addition there is a 23 page appendix.

If the material was qualitatively much more advanced than other low-carb/high-protein diets out there, I could see touting the line “quality over quantity”. Alas, it’s not revolutionary. Read a few articles on nutrition here on T-Nation and you will have no need for a similar book.

  1. It costs 60+ dollars!

It’s obvious that Roussell is very knowledgeable and I hope that he will one day come out with a better book than this, but I can’t advise anybody to plunk down 60 bucks for this present work. If it were 20 dollars, I wouldn’t be so negative. The only comparison I can make is with Pavel. Good material, but scant and expensive. Although I don’t even think Pavel has dared ask 60 dollars for one of his shorter books.