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Naked Man Locked Out of Room

Ok is this real or fake?

If it’s real, I’d love to ask the manager why exactly he asked a naked man for an ID when he’s stating that he got trapped outside his room.

Sounds like a case of “This is what the manual says, so I’ll disregard everything and just stick to it”.

You’d think they’d have a phone on each floor that connects to the front desk

So the guy goes into a public area whilst naked, not even a towel and he looks like he DGAF.

Then suddenly turns all embarrassed when he is locked out?

If I came across him I’d laugh at his pathetic voyeur attempt and blast him with a fire extinguisher.

Fake. No way that was an accident - he walked into the hallway naked and made a big display of himself being naked in the hallway before he “discovered” he was locked out. He is likely an actor, though I guess he could be a pervert. I think a lot of the people in the video were all actors as well. The way the mother covered the (male) child’s eyes in the elevator like that looks like something done for comedic effect.

I agree it is fake, too many people are non chalant in it. Maybe the mother in the elevator didn’t want the boy to see a possible homosexual get hard, but still the first people he ran across he should have asked, “could you please call down to the desk?”, and maybe even give him temporary refuge to mitigate how stupid he would feel.