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Naked Man Fights Off Burglers


you gotta love stories like this


Haha. "You're not stealing my car" (punches through car window and proceeds to punch thief in face)


"The only thing is, I was a little bit naked because I sleep in my birthday suit," he added.



lol! You don't fuck with a soldier's sports car ^^


I thought for sure this thread was about DB Cooper lifting naked again and stopped a burgler.




Great story.

"What the neighbours were thinking I don't know because they were all looking out at this naked man shouting at his car at six in the morning."


lol at 'I was a little bit naked'


hahaha That is great. Nobody can police themselves better than themselves.




My favorite part, the thinking involved:

[i]"As soon as he got in the car he was waving this knife at me and I thought 'there's only one way to stop him.'

"So I punched clean through the driver's window and I just kept hitting him until he got out."[/i]