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Naked Juice Protein?

SO WHATS THE VERDICT ON THIS STUFF? i enjoy the flavor - although sometimes chalky, but what do you guys think?

if u didnt know its facts here u go…

Orange Juice, apple and pear juice blend, banana puree, pineapple juice, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, coconut milk, soy lechithin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) (not a dairy free product)

Nutrition Facts
serving size 8 fl oz; calories 210; total fat 3.5 g; saturated fat 1.5g; cholesterol 20mg; sodium 135mg; potassium 460mg; total carbs 27g; dietary fiber < 1g; sugars 25g; protein 17g; vitamin A 2%; vitamin C 210%; calcium 6%; iron 10%

then name makes it sound like its cum :s

Waterbury went over it awhile back…

Personally, I think it’s a decent PWO drink when you’re strapped for other sources of protein. Tastes kinda grainy at the bottom, and there’s a little soy involved, but the fact that each bottle contains around 500 cals definitely work in my favour while I"m bulking.

thanks dude, alot of good stuff in that article. take it easy.

I drank this stuff all the time, until I found out that soy was put on this Earth by satan to harm men. In seriousness, naked protein is good once in a while, but not as a primary protein source. I love the taste myself. It’s like juice you can chew.