Naked Gym!

Not a bad idea, IF the people working out there actually get results quickly, and start to look good FAST!

I have a feeling it would be a lot of not-so-attractive people with their loose skin hanging all over the equipment though. :frowning:

I’d hate to do deadlifts with a cold bar at that gym…

I suddenly no longer want to be spotted while doing bench… except by a chick.

[quote]pushharder wrote:

A guy would definitely want to keep his Mighty Mouse away from the plate loaded cable machine.[/quote]

LOL. That hurt just thinking about it.

I think you would really want to enforce wiping down the equipment after you use it.

, hope theirs a “no obese” section in their rules

So since it is in the Netherlands, there is just gonna be a bunch of stoned, nude people sitting around in a gym?

I think this fits with the “psychology as a weapon” thread.

I really enjoy seeing a well proportioned young lady do straight-leg deadlifts. I like to leave it up to my imagination as to what is under the silky tight, split up the side shorts that she may be wearing. I don’t know if I would enjoy a full wink from the big brown eye.

Well that’s one way to put that useless adductor machine under the light!

Right now I’m imagining the people at my gym…I think more than 90% of them would gross me out.

Personally, I don’t think working-out without a bra would be too comfy.

I doubt this would be very titillating. The article said this was strictly for “naturists,” not exhibitionists.

What is the difference between a nudist and a stripper? About fifty pounds!