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Naked Food-Juice?


Has anyone seen this stuff or tried it before? They sell it @ my club. Supposedly contains 1 .lb of all natural fruit and no added sugars. There still is sugar in the bottle, but it says its sugar from the fruits and not added. Wasn't to bad of stuff. Says it has 15g of fiber in one serving and a ton of vits.

Is this stuff as good as it sounds?


I am not big juice drinker but I do know that Naked Juice Brand is one of the best out there...


I like it a lot.I think it tastes great and has no added sugar,and is very high in fiber.3-5 grams of fiber can lower the GI index of foods by 50%.I usually mix it with my creatine pre-workout.Drink it and grow.


I used to use it when I didn't have a protein supplement handy. It's pretty good stuff if you do one of the high-protein brands.


Beware the soy protein in it. Its also expensive as heeelllll. 4 dollars for 16 ounces of OJ, you can get a gallon for less than that.


I love this stuff, just not the soy protein ones. My only gripe is the stuff is crazy expensive. If I could get a case at BJ's that would be clutch.