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Nail Bending

I was thinking about get my dad some nails but had a couple questions I’m hoping some one on here can help me out with.

I remember reading somewhere that if you do it improperly nail bending and permanently damage muscles and bones in your hand. I haven’t been able to find this article again, but It sounds like BS to me (kinda like how squats are bad for your knees). Anyways for myself I wouldn’t be concerned but I don’t want to give these to my dad if this is a serious issue

Also, I was in the hardware store and saw a bunch of steel round bar in different diameters( 1/8,1/16,3/16, etc.) I was thinking about cutting these down to make some “nails”. Does this sound like a good idea. IF so what would be some good lengths and diameters to start out with.

1/2" diamiter cold rolled steel rod. cut em up 2" long each. bend those, you will be invinsible.

He’ll want to start off with timber ties, then move to 40d nails. Get some leather to wrap the ends on. Bending steel can injure connective tissue in the hands & wrists if done stupidly. Check out the Maximized Bending eBook on the Gripboard.