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Nagging Supraspinatus/rotator cuff injury....

So I tore my supraspinatus this last summer and was in physical therapy for about 5 months or so at the end of which I was supposed to be fine for lifting and all of that. Through (my own) fault though, I neglected to continue doing the therapy exercises and so now it’s starting to act up again.

In particular, any kind of pressing movement (push-ups not included), chin ups, pulls ups, lat pull downs and flies (machine and D.B.) as well as 1 arm rows, seem to aggravate it a little more.

the therapy exercises I’ve been doing are t’s and y’s, pec deck rear delt laterals, and a front raise with thumbs pointed down to better isolate the delts. I don’t have a cable machine in the gym I go to most, so I’m only able to do bent over rows instead of a seated pulley row. I’ve also been including an external rotation while lying on my side.

As far as I can tell this pretty much limits me to scapular push-ups, back squats, and some other lower body work mixed with some light rows.

Does anyone know of any exercises that I should be including that might put more focus on the supraspinatus but won’t aggravate the rest of the rotator cuff? Should I cut out all of the rows and go to the gym that has a pulley machine so I can do a high x row, or a seated pulley row?

Thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms would be greatly appreciated!