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Nagging Shoulder Pain


I started noticing a painful feeling in my right shoulder a few months ago. It became noticeable every time I benched or did pushups, and got to the point where even just standing and lifting my arms up and holding them in the position I’d use to bench/pushup became painful, as well as sitting, leaning forward, and doing lifting my arm up (like a seated rear delt raise almost).

I spend time each day warming up my shoudlers before I lift, and don’t have terrible form. I also never notice anything wrong with my left shoulder or even at all when I do other presses or anything with a dumbbell. It’s only pushups and barbell bench presses that aggravate it.

It doesn’t quite feel like the muscle that’s in pain (though I can’t tell for sure) but maybe something deeper than that. Getting it massaged and having a chiropractor adjust it helps but only briefly.

Has anybody had a similar issue and fixed it or have any ideas on how to address it? It’s holding me back from doing certain movements so I’d like to fix it ASAP.

(I also make sure to work my back/rear delts so I don’t think it’d be an issue of imbalances, but again, I’m no expert.)


Google shoulder impingement syndrome and see if you think it applies in your case.


dont mess with your shoulders. You can either stop lifting for a while or go see a good ortho doc. Could be a pinched nerve, or a bone spur impinging on your rotator cuff, or a partially torn rotator cuff. The ortho will do some movements to determine your strength and may recommend an MRI to look for soft tissue damage.

Might get away with only PT or may have to have surgery. Only way to tell is seeing a good doc.


Basically it could be anything. You need to see a physio