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Nagging Bicep


I pulled my left bicep a couple weeks ago and now the right bicep is having the same pain. I took a week off and felt fine when I started back but it really hurts on bench. My 5 rep bench has dropped from 315 to 285 in a period of 3 weeks. very depressing. Any one have any ideas to facilitate a faster recovery? Oh, by the way, I think I pulled it doing squats. I lost my arch on a higher rep set than I'm used to and the bar tried to slide down to my upper back. Wasn't much weight, bout 335 doing 12. Any help would be great!


Yeah, take longer than one week off. Give it at least a month off to heal.


A month seems like an eternity, lol. I guess I may have to, but I have always been able to train through injuries in the past. Getting older really sucks!