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Nagging Back Problem.

There’s a palpable knot around the middle of my right rhomboid,which feels like a small rock hidden under there.
I’ve had it for ages and suppose I have just forgotten how it (the constant,if slight pain and stiffness) is not supposed to be. I can’t stretch the associated muscle quite as effectively as the left side and I feel like it’s sort of pressing,cutting off nerve pathways.

Upon rotation,it makes a very audible cracking sound.

Massage does nothing. I once came upon a woman who seemed to have the same problem. She said it was theorized that it has to do with uneven development of the back musculature due to overuse of one side. I have no idea.
Anyway she brought up physical therapy,which could be the last resort. She had not had it yet so I don’t know if it would work. I’m willing to give anything a shot.

Any commentary is appreciated.

I always had the same problems too albeit a minor one, but massage always heal it almost instantly for me. Have you tried different type of massages? Sometimes it takes more than 1 visit to heal it if the problem was quite serious…

I think you friend was right. Normally when you put a lot of stress on one side of your body, the other side has to compensate for it which in turn creates tensions. That’s what my masseur told me. Btw, what kinda massage have you tried?

Sport massage,with concentration on the problem area. Makes no difference.

Thanks for the reply.

I have a similar issue with my left trap. I’ve been to 2 orthopedics, physical therapy, and a chiropractor. All have had different theories as to why its causing pain but none have had any solution. I’ll be following this with interest

Have you tried deep tissue massage? This is one of the most painful massage around, no kidding. It is specifically design for chronic pain and limited mobility and also among other things. Give it a try and let us know whether its working.