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NAGA Results - First Comp

I originally entered in the Beginner category (6mos-2years) and since there were few competitors they allowed a few of us to go next bracket up to intermediate (2-5yrs). I placed 2nd in both those categories, NO-GI and placed 4th in White belt with GI. I must say, being the smallest guy was very eye opening in the super-heavy weight division.

I have never felt continous 275Lb+ on top of me and my moves were being nullified due to weight and lack of technique. Oh well, I know what I need to work on, lessoned learned back to the drawing board. Here is my vid of my rear naked choke. The championship match was 4 min of me and guy circling each other and we both went for the same move at same time and ended up on ground trying to choke each other out. he got the 2 points due to side position and he got the win:(

Nice work. Bet it was tiring handling 275lb big boys for full periods, good work gutting through it and securing that choke, you gassed the other guy out. I prefer to work jiu-jitsu without the wresting shoes as I find it hard to secure the hooks like at 2:30.

I’m glad you had fun! Nice head control.

It’s a shame time ended when you had his back.

I always prefer controlling the back than risking the position for an armbar.

Sarge you are one big dude. Nice effort.

I agree with kaiser. The armbar off the back the way you tried it can be a risky move if your opponent knows it’s coming. Hard to get the right position to lock it in. Myself I try to commit to the roll. Either I muscle my guy over, or muscle myself under. I find using a figure four grip (a bicep slicer basically) helps give you extra leverage and keeps the elbow from slipping out.

Nice scrambling by the way.

Nice job! I actually watched that match from about 15 feet away.

@ Grayman, I will leave the wrestling shoes at home for now on. I thought I could get more grip but I kept slipping off of people when I tried to use my feet to post

@rundmc, I did the move wrong. I learned a paticular mount from that position but I was suppose to sprawl my weight whereas my i would be pressing my hips on his shoulders so he would feel the weight mashing his arm and then either his arm would be smashed and he would tap or release the pressure and give me the arm. I was so excited that a move actually worked that I forgot to focus and was too light on him

@Goose27, thanks for the compliment.

@Kaisermetal, I will keep that in mind as well. With no-gi people are too damn slippery with their nylon shirts or sweaty ass backs.

I always get my ass handed to me when it’s with gi, but once nogi starts and we get sweaty i am a good staller, escape artist.

very sound work for your skill level.

you have good timing- and good scrambles

the positioning will come with time

good work

and you can see you are one athletic large guy.

you already said it- coming out of this is great-
you get a real feel for lots of ideas when you compete