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NAFLD and Testosterone

I am starting to see a pattern of men with fatty liver disease and low natural T levels and high e2. I wonder if correcting the liver problem can actually help replenish natural T levels… It makes sense in theory, a dysfunctional liver does not process e2 effectively which leads to a build up of e2 in the body which sets the message through the HPTA feedback that androgens are high no need to make more and down regulates LH/FSH which lowers T levels. What do you guys think and has anyone successfully treated NAFLD and how?

When I quit TRT for 3 weeks ago for a week, I had liver function tests which showed a significant reduction in liver function (elevated liver enzymes, but in range). You need testosterone to set the metabolic rate, you would have to get testosterone to increase naturally or the liver will not be able to function correctly.

My doctors are telling me a lot of people these days .has fatty liver without symptoms. High estrogen naturally is HPTA suppressive, that’s why clomid works so well, because it blocks estrogen in the brain unleashing the full potential to increase LH.

Another member posted about it in my log, I will tag you.