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NADS for Hair Removal?

Has anyone out there tried NADS for hair removal? You know that infomercial about that green all natural goopy stuff that is supposed to be amazing at removing hair. Does it work?

You have to let any hair get kinda long,and it hurts like hell in those tender areas. Also it takes quite awhile to remove over a large area.I wouldn’t recommend it -I went back to my Mach 3 razor.

Yea, my girlfriend and myself both tried NADS and came up with the same experience. Just like most things on infomercials, IT DOESN’T WORK. In fact the only good thing about it, is exactly what they say, it tastes really good!!

That shit hurts like hell. On TV the women just sit there like it’s no big deal. My 230 lb roomate and I play college football and it about makes us cry. Not really, but it does hurt pretty bad. And afterwards we were bleeding from the pores.