NaCL Diluent

I need a source for 0.9% NaCL diluent that doesn’t require I buy ten liters. I know it is hardly cost effective for anyone to offer smaller (say 5ml) amounts, but figured I’d ask.

If I had to, I wouldn’t mind buying packs of smallish vials.

If uncomfortable replying, feel free to PM me.

Make some yourself! I do this all the time for my GH.

Buy some table salt (be sure it’s not the salt substitute crap, but actual sodium chloride salt), buy a gallon of distilled water from your local grocery store, and add the salt to it. If I’m not mistaken, it should take somewhere around 3.4 grams of salt in the gallon.

If you want it completely sterile, you could push it through a Millipore filter.

Cool, thanks.