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Nachos Bruh...Bulking Bruh...Chip Alternative Bruh


Sup Bruh,

I’m bulking and have been making 2000 calorie nacho meals every day by eating 1 lb ground beef, with black beans, cheese and salsa and of course, tortilla chips. Question is, does anybody have a healthy BUT CHEAP alternative to the chips? I’m just saying screw it right now because I’ll bulk all winter but was just curious if anybody had an alternative.


I use a fork.


You can take brown rice tortillas or Ezekiel tortillas and bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes, they get nice and crispy and you can then break them up as nachos.


Echoing @T3hPwnisher. Remove tortilla chips, use fork. Increase beef, beans, sour cream, or anything else to replace calories if needed.



What about rice? It’s cheap, calorie-dense, and probably at least (somewhat) healthier than tortilla chips.


I don;'t think any of the items in your nachos sound especially “bad”, but of course if your calorie range for the day can accomodate 'em, then by all means enjoy. I watched Arash destroy some Nachos a couple of weeks back when we went out for Beer n Burgers with Brick n our other pal Mike, and his physique looks just fine -lol.