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NABBA Mr. Ireland 2009


It's a long shot, but did anyone go?


If i knew about it i would have... just like any other event that has happened in the past year! i only realised theres power lifting meets here too! bit of a fuckin head wrecker to be honest!


I know someone on here was competing in it, can't remember who though.
I would have gone if it was down here, but I assume it was in Dublin...?


Yeah it was on in the Olympia (awesome name for a BB venue too!!) in the City Centre. I wonder who it was that was competing... hopefully someone will chime in!!


Maybe it was that guy, uhh bigben or something, bennyboy? I don't know. He had a thread in RMP, maybe it was him.


It's annoying me now I can't remember his name, especially as he did have an awesome physique!
I was going to pop along to the Mr. Cork show that was on not so long ago but I didn't fancy going on my own and my friends wouldn't exactly consider a bodybuilding show a fun time


Mr Ireland 2009:


Nabba Junior Winner:


I was at the pre judging, never been to a pre judging before and I found out that pre judging in an irish show is the exact same as the evening show. What a load of cunt. They do their routines in the pre judging aswel as the mandatory poses. Pre judging was a 10er and evening show 27.50.

I already had my ticket so I sold it to some guy before the evening show started. Im not saying i didnt enjoy myself, its just id rather get my money back than to watch the show all over again just to see where people finished.

The guy in the first timers was a fuckin monster, serious legs and had the upper body to match! (i imagine he won)

There was a guy in class 2, fuckin huge as shit, poor conditioning though, shame.........

Was big time disappointed with the guys as a whole though. There was some freaks in the crowd that should have been on stage, they would have owned the guys on stage.

Dunno which part ill go to next year, ill be in that show someday, 1 ,2,3 years id say. Ill win. Ill defo let the irish boys on here know.

*Jereth127, y wouldnt you go to a show on your own?


Sitting on my own at a BB'ing show, just looks wierd methinks...


Paul i take it you didn't enter so ?

Recognise you from another board :slight_smile:

Keep bringing up that back and you will dominate the local scene i would well imagine.

If any of ye are interested theres a group of T-Nation people going to the British Finals. PM Bushy see if he has room left on the floor...

Fly into Manchester and 2hr train to Nottingham not THAT bad if any of ye are interested.


Don't you talk to anyone at your gym no ?

Surely there MUST be someone who would have went... if you don't ask you will never know !


Aaron Fleming... Dude is INCREDIBLE. He trains in the same gym as me (Hercules) and everyone's been saying for months he'd be untouchable (tbh... years, we've just been waiting for him to compete!!). Not sure if you remember the oter guy, Flo, he trains in Hercs too and picked up second place. His back's ridiculously thick.

Frank Koth. Another Hercs member!! The improvements he's made since last year is absolutely incredible (he came 5th in the first timers I think). He came dead last in Class 2 which I think was an absolute joke. His conditioning may not have been perfect, but goddamn there wasn't anyone else in the entire show carrying that much muscle!! When his legs come up to match his upper body it's entirely possible that he'll be unbeatable in Ireland.


Good god man get him Squatting with you then !

And sounds like you have an A1 gym you lucky b*stard :smiley:


Not really tbh. I train at a commercial gym that only has about 360kg in total in plates and I try my best to get in there before the busy times when some jackass might take the squat rack and use it for curls or half squats with 95lbs.
I chat away politley to most people in there but it definately ain't a bodybuilding place. I still love it though. For some reason I just really like training in there, and it's the closest gym to me. I did train at a more BB'ing friendly gym for a small while but grew to hate training in there, can't really explain why either.

The Herc gym in Dublin is supposed to be badass alright. If I'm ever located in Dublin I'm definately hitting that place.


Back in April i think it was, i was all about competing, but then i realised im nothing special, im not being negative here, i have a nice structure an all that jazz with some good body parts but man, i need to be fuckin way bigger. I reckon ill hit the stage in 2 years id say.

British Champs would be a no go for me, college and money. Zack for the win.


Aaron is fucking awesome, where is Hercules gym at bro?

He came last! WFT..... I totally agree with you, if he can bring up his legs and get good conditioning- best bodybuilder in Ireland, he's got a pro upper body, sick!


yeah where is hercules gym i wouldnt mind checkin it out and finally gettin serious about my strength?


Y dont you just get serious about it today? Where you are right now?


haha i said too little there!!
I really want to learn how to oly lift from someone who knows what they're talking about! and I wouldn't mind some one taking a look at my squat/dead form, I workout in my garage and unfortunately there's no one in my old gym who could do that!!