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NABBA 2012 3rd Place Miss Physique?


There was a muted gasp from the audience then silence as Caroline Wang began her posing routine...

From the big dirty mans head on her to the strategically placed competitors number, everyone was thinking WTF!






Here's another from the phone...


notice how her competitor # card is over her junk.

this girl's got a penis.




Caroline Wang, that's an appropriate name.


What she look like from the back?


Genuine LOL here!!

Fuck, that's some funny shit right there...


Here you go ya sick bastid


Scarlett Johansson is that you???


That some sexy ish



Can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on?

Is that a joke? Was that a guy that put on the bikini? I'm not kidding or being sarcastic...is that what happened?





Unless "she" married a Chinese man then she's deceiving us with her last name too.


Women's bodybuilding just plain sucks.


It's all too comical but yeh he's a real chick!

Remember Miss Mann in scary movie lol roll on to 1.30 if you dont...


*Women's non-natty bodybuilding

The women's side of physique sports is such a mixed bag- some of the most mind blowing females on earth come out of bikini and figure.. then you have stuff like this which I'm extremely glad doesn't have further exposure, as it would no doubt prevent the aforementioned potential bikini/figure girls from touching weights in the first place..


I like womens bbing

Show me a freakshow dammit


I think wimmenz bodybuilders have a particular kind of sexy