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NAAFA Rules of the Board with my comments in ()

Promotion of diets /weight loss is prohibited. Read NAAFA’s policies on diet/weight loss and weight loss surgery. (They don’t believe in diets)

Take gossip to personal email.

No personal ads.

No personal attacks. Debate ideas, do not make it personal. No flames (flaming can be defined as arguments). Civil discussion of ideas is encouraged, but keep your temper. (Unless you differ with the NAAFA directive then they won’t make your posts…CENSORSHIP)

This is a fat acceptance board. As such, attacking any size/fat acceptance organization or individual working for size/fat acceptance is not permitted. (That would be like T-Mag not posting anything negative. In fact they seem to enjoy the negative letters in reader mail…At least they give them the most spirited replies)

Do not post private messages to the board.

Commercial posts are not allowed. Violators will be billed $500 for each occurrence.

All correspondence become the property of NAAFA and it reserves the right to post these questions and answers in any media, and possibly publish them in the newsletter/other NAAFA publications without further notice.

Fatties… At least the Supersize forum over there is funny.

these people are sad excuse-makers.

they refuse to acknowledge the possibility that dieting and exercise are simply ‘shams’ in terms of fat loss. having weight trained for a few years now, if i choose to lose fat (which i did a couple months ago), i know how to lose it and how to keep it off. i haven’t gained it back.

it wasn’t even that hard. i’m amazed that there are so many people out there utterly clueless about these issues…someone needs to deliver a t-mag to their door.

I posted on that board and was chastised for telling people that they could lose weight if they wanted to do so. Interesting. BTW, I wonder how they would fine you, as I didn’t have to give and credit-card info or anything like that to sign up.