; obese bodybuilder diet.

As I stated earlier, I just found this site. One of the first things I stumbled upon was some guy–Vince, I believe–and his love of the horizontally challenged. After perusing the Fat site (I highly recommend looking at the party pictures: pizze, Coke and cake galore), I developed the daily obese bodybuilder diet. This diet is sure to deliver results.

  1. 1 bottles of hot fudge (to flavor MRPs). They don’t taste THAT good, so we need to add a little.

  2. 6-pack regular Coke: You need some simple carbs after your workout. If some are good, excess must be better.

  3. Pizza Hut P’zone (spelling?): It’s so big you can share. But, after glancing at the site, it doesn’t seem like anyone likes to share. Besides, sharing may hinder progress.

  4. Whole Cottage Cheesse: All you have to do is look at the food and picture your thighs; visualization is critical to success in this endeavor. The comparison can be truly inspirational. Results are only a few thousand tubs away.

  5. Pulled Pork: This is not a verb-noun for the girl or guy you took home after 7 martinis. Bodybuilders need protein.

  6. Slabs of ribs: Bones are optional. These are very helpful for the overall development of the FUPA or FIPA(Fat Upper Pussy Area and Fat Upper Penis Area, the gut below the gut located just above the genitals)

  7. Any fat fried in fat (e.g., KFC): Lee Priest eats it and look at him.

  8. Preparation H: The only necessary supplement. I know this is not the type of 'roid generally discussed in this forum. But, if you carefully follow my diet, this will ameliorate the end result of the metabolic disturbances that are sure to occur.

Feel free to add some food groups I may have neglected. Remember that this is only a starting point, a building block if you prefer. Give me some feed back and I may incorporate your ideas to Obese Bodybuilder’s Diet II.