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N17-E and Finasteride

If one were to use N17-E would one have to abstain from using finasteride, if that was currently being used or used in the future for prostate health and hair loss prevention, due to it actually contributing to Male Pattern baldness? Isn’t that what happens with nandrolone when used in conjunction with finasteride? What could one use for hair and prostate health instead of finasteride? Also, does using finasteride require also taking a DHT-like steroid to offset any erectile disfunction caused by finasteride? If using Androsol in conjunction with N17-E is finasteride good to use for prostate health and hair loss prevention? This information comes from articles I read that were written by Bill Roberts on mesomorphosis. Any information pertaining to these questions is greatly appreciated.

I have been taking finasteride for a couple of years now and I have been using Tribex for 6 months and 2 cycles of androsol. In my experience, when I first started finasteride, I did experience a slight reduction in libido but it returned to normal after a few months. My ability to acheive a erection was not affected. Ejaculate volume does seem to be reduced but I can’t imagine anyone suffering from ED because of finasteride. Buy it in the form of Proscar and it’s cheap insurance aginst hair loss.