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hey everyone. Im a long time lurker, really enjoying the articles and the sound advice contributed by everyone. Only recently last 4 months iv taken traning seriously in respect to diet, sleep and consistant training.

My training involves Leg/Shoulders, Chest/ Tris, Back/Bis, two days off then repeat.

Right now im trying to only keep carb intake around workouts around my work outs (40g during, 40g after), 40g from the litre of milk I drink a day and what ever carbs I get in from greens. Itâ??s a challenge to eat 3500 calories daily without pasta, oats, bread etc. In a typical training day I consume 320g protein 120g carbs 193g fats.

Im a bit soft around the edges, 165 pounds at 174cm with 18% bodyfat (not reliable estimation as my gf has never used the callipers before) Since there would be no point to loose weight as id slim down to nothing my goal is to pack on as much lean mass as I can (nothing original).

So the questions I was hoping someone could help me with are:
1. Is my carb intake of 120g on training days (80 being around workouts) and 40 on non training days too much? Will it inhibit the usage of fat as my bodyâ??s primary source of fuel?

  1. how much fat is TOO much fat? (I dont eat junk, the fat comes from olive oil fish oil, meats, avocados etcâ?¦)

  2. This question probably isnt the smartest (but thats why im a newbie) but is it easier to lean gain mass if I was to just go on a regular diet and timed eating good carbs then a low carb diet??

Anyway sorry for the essay haha im just keen to grow. Any advice and help would be appreciated.


IMHO, you'll find all your answers if you read all the great nutrition articles on tmuscle.



It don't get no better than this.


  1. If your goal is to put on mass, then no, 120g of carbs on lifting days is not too much. Also, you don't utilize fat as an energy source while partaking in high intensity exercise. High intensity exercises require energy too rapidly and rely mainly on glycogen or glucose or phosphate pathways.

It is usually post workout once you've come to rest that fat can be used as an energy source. So keep your carbs timed around your workouts, preferably pre and during your lifting sessions ala CT protocols.

  1. If you're going lower/medium carb and your goal is to put on size, you obviously have to be in a surplus of calories. To compensate for those calories not being present, you need to bump up your protein and fat intake. I've heard before that some people mobilize fat poorly in the past and should not exceed 90g per day, but this is highly individual and I think it is a mistake to just slap a limit on things without experimenting to see what works for you and what doesn't.

  2. Are you talking about carb cycling i.e. higher carbs on days of high activity i.e. lifting + cardio and then low carbs on off days?

One last note, don't count the calories in fibrous green veggies...they're insignificant.


Thank you


thanks guys!!! forgot about those... cant go wrong with CT!!


I'd stay away from milk. Tends to retain water in some/many people and thus makes you look fatter.


heey a couple of more questions

1.During my off days do i still consume the same amount of calories (3800) as my training days?

2.What is the deal with cheat meals? What benefit do they serve?

Cheers guys!!