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N00b Here

hey girls, just got started actual weight lifting a few weeks ago. I have been a member of the gym for years, and have worked out regularly, but never pushed ‘real weight’.

So now I enlisted in the army, and I needed to gain weight. My first weigh in (im 5’2") was at 96lbs, and two weeks ago I weighed in at 101lbs. I need to be at 104lbs.

I have a severely ectomorphic bodytype, I have insane trouble gaining weight, hence the weight lifting, since maybe I can gain more muscle than I can gain fat, and have it help me in bootcamp also.

I’m following a hefty 3300 calorie/day diet, and I’m only very slowly gaining. I guess for most women this would be a blessing, not for me though :frowning:

I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while now, and I find you ladies on here very inspiring, it makes me more confident!

I am open to any advice any of you might have, especially regarding my crazy metabolism and how to deal with that…

Though I don’t have your problem, I feel your pain! I understand how unnatural eating in excess can feel to people who do not have a naturally huge appetite. At the end of the day, just remember it comes down to how many calories you are eating in excess of your maintenance level. If you have an insanely high maintenance and have trouble eating a significant amount over, my tip would be to eat lots of low volume, calorie dense stuff like nuts, cheese, and dark chocolate.

I mean eat all of the clean meals you have planned but then sneak in the other calorie dense stuff during the day. Cheating will be your friend for right now! Liquid calories like lots of milk will also be your friend.

Owlie gave you some good advice: full fat milk, juices and shakes, nuts and nut butters, plenty of bacon and bagels, cheeses, fatty steaks… I carry a bag of almonds or cashews in my purse to sneak a handful once in a while when I’m on the road and I don’t have time to stop and have a proper meal.

If eating enough is an issue make sure that what you are eating is full fat, full carbs and high cals. Pour some good olive oil on as much food as you can or throw in some coconut oil… I’d say the rule of thumb is protein in every meal.

When I was your age [23], I weighed 100 lb. at 5’4". Now that I’m closing in on, umm, 45, I weigh around 110-112 lb. Like you, I’ve always had a lightning fast metabolism. Aging and body changes like pregnancy may change that somewhat over the years. The advice given by Owlie and nlmain is good.

Eat nutrient- and caloric-dense foods. I eat a ton of protein. Lots of red meat. Full fat cheese. Liquid protein shakes made with full-fat milk. I don’t know what my daily caloric intake is, but I’d guess somewhere around 3,000 a day.

Weight lifting would be phenomenal for you because building muscle will give you mass and add weight to you, as long as you continue to eat a lot. Also, I avoid most cardio because it tends to burn the weight off me.

As a fellow Army chick, hello!
I do not have your problem, I am actually “overweight” for my height and age in Army standards!
However, Owlie and N gave very sound advice that I will just agree with. I think that have things like nuts around all day ie: in your purse, desk at work, whatever is pretty easy to just munch on.
umm what else. JUICE. juice has a lot of calories. Which is why I stay away from it.
Good luck hitting the weights.
You will probably gain weight in basic/ait. As people aren’t normally used to eating full meals 3x a day, or being awake at 430. anyways.
When do you ship out/what is your MOS?


OMW (oh my Willy) I forgot to say PEANUT BUTTER. with a spoon no doubt. endulge.
EDIT: NATURAL peanut butter. not that JIF shit with hydrogenated oil. that shit sticks to fat cells and stays in your body for um…EVER… for real.


PB is an excellent nutrient rich, more bang for your buck substance! and if you like it oh my god in heaven, enjoy it for me!!

also the full fat milks, cheeses, creme, butter, and healthy oils–it can sound unappetizing i know–especially if you are not into that type of food regularly, but a little bit goes a long way . It is hard to fight your body’s natural tendencies, and i hope you succeed in a healthy way